John Schneider, known for his role in The Dukes of Hazzard, recently expressed strong sentiments regarding Beyoncé’s foray into country music.

In an interview with the conservative One American News Network, Schneider didn’t hold back his criticism of Beyoncé’s involvement in the genre.

Last week, the 63-year-old actor voiced his frustration over Beyoncé’s fans’ campaign to have her new song, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” played on a country music radio station in Oklahoma.

During the interview with OANN host Alison Steinberg, they delved into the evolution of country music and its contemporary landscape.


Steinberg commented on the trend of left-leaning influences penetrating various entertainment domains, to which Schneider responded with a metaphor, likening Beyoncé’s venture into country music to a dog marking its territory.

He stated, “They’ve got to make their mark, just like a dog in a dog walk park. You know, every dog has to mark every tree, right? So that’s what’s going on here.”

Schneider believes artists like Beyoncé, with multiple Grammy wins to her name, should stick to their respective genres instead of venturing into country music. However, speculation arises regarding Beyoncé’s upcoming album, “Renaissance: Act II,” set for release on March 29, 2024, with rumors suggesting it could be a full-fledged country album.

While Schneider’s critique extends beyond Beyoncé to encompass the broader influx of pop stars exploring country music, it reflects concerns within the country music community regarding the genre’s evolution under pop influences.

Despite the controversy surrounding his comments, Schneider’s authority on the matter stems from his extensive experience in country music. In the 1980s, he made significant contributions to the genre with numerous studio albums and chart-topping singles.

Beyoncé’s fans didn’t take Schneider’s remarks lightly, criticizing him for his analogy and labeling him as racist and hateful. They argue that country music has deep roots in black culture and that crossovers between genres are not uncommon.