Who stole Banderas from Griffith? Here is the woman who became the legendary actor’s girlfriend

Banderas showed his long-legged blonde girlfriend for whom he left his wife!

This is what the woman who could steal the macho’s heart looks like!

See how she appears in this article!

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It was back in 2014 that A. Banderas officially announced his relationship with N. Kemper. Interestingly enough, the long-legged beauty is 21 years younger than the legendary actor which, as one can see, failed to prevent them from building a relationship.

There surface rumors according to which the blonde ruined the marriage of Banderas and M. Griffith given the fact that their romance began just after the ex-couple’s scandalous divorce. However, there are those who are more than sure that Nicole had nothing to do with their separation.

Thousands of network users are of the opinion that Kemper is much better and deserves to be with the prominent actor. Her incredible beauty and femininity capture everyone’s special attention.

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