“Timeless Beauty and Elegance”: 77-year-old mother of Keanu Reeves outshines her daughter-in-law

She looks much younger than her son’s chosen one

Keanu Reeves, who is currently 57 years old, recently made a public appearance alongside his mother, Patricia, and has won the hearts of his fans. The 77-year-old woman, according to Reeves’ admirers, looks absolutely incredible. Personally, I wouldn’t estimate the actor’s mom to be a day over 40.

Devoted fans of Keanu Reeves have been comparing Patricia to his current partner, Alexandra Grant, who is 48 years old. According to the Hollywood star’s followers, Alexandra appears to be older than Patricia.

“Patricia looks fantastic,” one fan remarked, “she seems younger than her son’s current crush.”

“Next to Reeves’ mother, Grant looks like a grey mouse,” another fan expressed their opinion.

“What a spectacular grandmother,” wrote internet users. Share your opinions in the comments, my friends. I’m looking forward to hearing from you below this post.