She Hasn’t Changed Her Home for 54 Years. When You See What’s Inside, Your Jaw Will Drop!

If you take a look from the outside , this normal house looks like a quaint 1940s building. Looking inside will tell you a totaly different story.The owner of the house is 96 year old woman. She hasn’t changed the interior for 54 years, and I understand why.d4d8d7b93bd38666aacaaefddf44b240_590x405

This woman never recived training for interior design, but she was always fascinated with decoration. She has always tried to be original and follow her own style. When you see the pictures below, i’m sure you couldn’t agree more. I was speachless.

Very simple exterior of this hidden gem.


When you open the door,you’ll see unforgettable entryway.



In the living room you can see her signature style of tone-on-tone colors


The dinnig room , just like from the movies


The kitchen even features a classic 1950s Moffat stove


She even has an amazing breakfast nook


Look at this bedroom! To feal just like royalty in this room.f4d258d19140abcf2dbb76b06a3ab5a0_590x405


The guests bedroom is covered with bubblegum pink.



The basement is the place where real fun happens !