“Saggy Belly And Cellulite On Thighs”: Khloe Kardashian Shared a Bold Photo In Lingerie!

The Kardashian sisters often face allegations of undergoing excessive plastic surgery, leading to disproportionate body shapes.

However, they view this as more of an asset than a liability, as it has contributed to their distinct recognition.

Khloe Kardashian, in particular, faced criticism from her sisters, Kim and Kourtney, for her weight and appearance in the past. Encouraged by her siblings to improve her image

Khloe eventually sought the guidance of a renowned fitness trainer and, according to speculation, underwent cosmetic procedures.

Today, Khloe boasts similar voluptuous curves to her sisters, which enhance her allure in elegant attire. However, recent candid photos of her in swimwear reveal a different perspective. Some followers have criticized the apparent disproportion of her hips and noted changes in her abdominal area, suggesting potential editing or surgical enhancements.

It seems Khloe may still be grappling with the aftermath of her highly publicized breakup with Tristan Thompson, the father of her children. Despite their split two years ago due to infidelity, Khloe appears to be struggling to regain her previous level of fitness and confidence.