Porsha Williams Removes ‘Guobadia’ from Instagram Bio amid Simon Divorce

Bye Bye Guobadia!

Porsha’s divorce isn’t quite finalized but she’s already giving up estranged husband Simon’s last name.

She dropped “Guobadia” from her Instagram bio and has returned to just being Porsha Williams.

Even though she removed his last name, she has not completely removed her soon-to-be ex-husband from her page entirely, with posts still up from their romantic Valentine’s Day earlier this month.

“Thank you for your prayers & support [broken-heart emoji and prayer emoji] – PW,” she wrote on social media Sunday after news of their split broke.

Court documents obtained by Page Six Tuesday, revealed Williams, 42, has warned Guobadia “not to destroy, conceal, or alter” any files about his finances.

The documents state that Guobadia must maintain spare “financial records or statements; all income records; all tax records; all expense records; all recordings or evidence reflecting relevant conduct by either party.”

The pair also had a prenuptial agreement “which sets forth each party’s separate property interests and marital property interests.”

Williams has asked that her estranged husband not only honor their prenup, but also pay for her legal fees.

Williams’ attorney, Randall Kessler, has said Williams is “hopeful” that she and Guobadia will “reach an agreement settling all issues between them.”

All we know is Porsha better not be all coy about her divorce on ‘RHOA’ this season. We want the tea!