Poor Bianca Censori was taken to Disneyland by Kanye West but she wasn’t allowed to wear shoes ‘Maybe she is Cinderella waiting for her prince to wear her glass high heels’

In a gesture straight out of a fairy tale, Bianca Censori found herself whisked away to the magical world of Disneyland by none other than the enigmatic Kanye West. However, the day took an unexpecteԀ turn when Censori discovered that she wasn’t allowed to wear shoes during their whimsical adventure through the theme park

As Censori traversed the grounds of Disneyland barefoot, one couldn’t help but wonder about the significance of her Cinderella-like experience. Perhaps, like the iconic fairy tale character, she was waiting for her prince to appear and fit her with a pair of glass high heels, signaling the start of their own romantic journey.

For Censori, the day at Disneyland with West was a surreal blend of fantasy and reality, where she found herself immersed in a world of enchantment and wonder. As they explored the park’s attractions and enjoyed its myriad delights, Censori couldn’t help but feel like the heroine of her own fairy tale, with West by her side as her steadfast companion.