Offset Begs for Cardi B to take him back and pulls up on her on stage to Apologize for Cheating

Cardi B can’t seem to escape Offset. Ever since she announced plans to get a divorce from him after one year of marriage and welcoming their baby Kulture into the world, Offset has been relentless with public attempts to win her back. A long track record of cheating, which included an alleged attempt to set up a threesome and another rumor that ended up with Cardi getting charged with assault and reckless endangerment, warrant a lifetime of apologies on his behalf. However, Offset’s latest grand gesture to try to get back into Cardi’s good graces may have gone too far.


Offset pulled off an elaborate stunt to get his wife back on Saturday. Cardi was headlining the Rolling Loud music festival in Los Angeles and he rudely interrupted her set to beg for fogiveness. If he thought the move was going to win her over, he was sorely mistaken–Cardi’s displeasure was written all over her face and he left empty handed.

Cardi’s performance on Saturday was a huge milestone.

She was one of the festival’s headliners, which speaks to how successful she is as an entertainer. Cardi should have been on could nine, but Offset stole her shine.

Flowers with the message “TAKE ME BACK CARDI” were rolled out onto the stage in the middle of her set.

Cardi looked like she was instantly over it in this clip that was captured by a fan in the audience.

Offset followed with a bouquet of white roses in hand and a proclamation of love.
He led with an apology and told Cardi, “In front of the world, I love you.” Offset added that he will do whatever it takes to prove that to her.



Cardi seemed to be scolding him the entire time he was onstage.

It was so uncomfortable! The crowd did not care for Offset’s appearance and proceeded to boo him. The lights on the stage were dimmed and Offset eventually walked away with his tail between his legs. His floral message was wheeled off right behind him.