Mom-to-Be and Her Husband Die en Route to Share Pregnancy News at Family Christmas Dinner

A young Arizona couple who just discovered they were pregnant couldn’t wait to tell their families the great news over the festive season, but now all their loved ones are left with is sorrow. The couple lost their lives along with their future baby.

Days before Christmas Day, a young and pregnant couple sadly lost their lives in a car crash. On December 22, 2023, an Instagram and Facebook page dedicated to Parker and Chloe Stott, 24, revealed what happened to the pair. The couple was on their way to Arizona from Utah on December 20, 2023, when a semi-truck crashed into them head-on just before 8:20 p.m.

At the time, they were driving along Wickenburg, Arizona’s U.S. 93, on their way to visit with family for the holidays. While driving southbound, they kept going past cars in the legal passing zone. Sadly, an incident changed the trajectory of the festive season for their families.


The Stott’s car suddenly failed to complete a pass and was struck by a Volvo truck-tractor hauling a trailer. Parker’s wife, described as inspiring, uplifting, a bright influence, and accomplished, sadly died on the scene. Their story was worsened because the duo had recently discovered that they were expecting. They were excited for their next chapter and couldn’t wait to tell their loved ones over Christmas.

Chloe was expecting a baby boy, but he was also lost in the accident. Parker survived with extensive injuries and was flown to Phoenix’s Valleywise. While his lower body suffered the most injuries, his face and neck were unscathed.

Sadly, after hours of working on him, surgeons concluded her needed to get a right leg amputation because of how severe his burns were. He had his first major surgery and was allowed to rest for a few hours before his family saw him for the first time, adding:

“He is intubated and heavily sedated and will probably need to remain in that state for a while until all the surgeries are complete.”

The page revealed that more updates would be posted and thanked those who’d sent prayers and love their way. On Christmas Eve, the couple’s joint page had a heartbreaking update to give.

What Happened to Parker after He Had His Third Surgery?
On December 24, 2023, in the early morning, Parker needed to get cleaned up from his burns and to start some skin grafting for his leg, so he went in for his third surgery. After it was done, the surgeons confessed that Chloe’s husband’s injuries were worse than anticipated, and things didn’t look good.

Not long after, Parker’s family was informed that his vitals were dropping and he was passing quickly. His loved ones gathered around him shared hugs and kisses, held his hand, and even told him how proud they were of him and how much he was loved.

She described her late friend as a huge inspiration in the aesthetics industry, the kindest soul…
They acknowledged how hard he’d fought and how strong he was, but by 6:47 p.m., he left to join his wife and son. Sheldon, his father-in-law, also waited for him on the other side, and they would meet for the first time.

As heartbroken as his family is for their loss, they know he impacted people positively and brought them happiness. They are grateful for God’s mercy in him getting to be with his wife without the constant pain. Parker’s family knew he and his family were in a better place and together, stating:

“We know they will be watching over us, cheering us all on until we get to reunite with them again. We love you forever, Chloe & Parker.”

Losing loved ones is generally hard, but it’s even more complicated during the festive season, incredibly so close to Christmas Day. Chloe’s friend tried to lessen the sting of loss for her and the couple’s family by sharing a fundraiser in the pair’s honor.

How Are Parker and Chloe’s Family Getting Help?
On the same day that Chloe and Parker’s story started getting shared, a friend named Kristie Michaela took to her Facebook page with a post of her own. She revealed that Chloe was a “beautiful aesthetician friend of mine” who passed away in a car accident.

By that point, more than $100,000 had been raised to fund the couple’s funerals, and more money was needed, no matter the amount. Kristie asked people to continue donating to help both families before admitting:

“I cannot imagine the hurt they all must be feeling, and my heart is heavy for everyone involved.”

She described her late friend as a huge inspiration in the aesthetics industry, the kindest of souls, and an incredible friend before signing off writing: “Chloe + Parker forever.” Kristie also included a link to the GoFundMe account for those who wished to contribute.

As heartbreaking as that story was,