Martha Stewart is a cover girl for this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! At 81 years old, she looks so good.Photos in the comments 

Martha Stewart nearly broke the internet when she became the oldest model to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit edition – she turns 82 years old on August 3rd. In doing so, she surpassed Maye Musk – mother of Elon Musk – who appeared on the cover last year at the age of 74.

In the days since the cover was released, Stewart has received a lot of support from fans and friends as they celebrate her recent achievement – she might be 82 years old, but she looks 30+ years younger. Of course, her stunning appearance was also met with quite a bit of hate and criticism from internet trol

Stewart opened up about those ‘naysayers’ in a recent interview with Variety, which was published on May 16 – the day after her Swimsuit cover was released. She addressed the rumors that she underwent plastic surgery and clapped back at those suggesting her photos were retouched and/or airbrushed.