John Legend shares how his children embarrass him when he is in public

John Legend is perhaps one of the best singers of his generation. The crooner has millions of fans around the world. But his biggest fans might actually be living under the same roof as him.

Keep reading to learn more about the singer’s domestic life and how embarrassed he feels at times because of his kids!

The singer is a father of three children with his wife Chrissy Teigen. His oldest is his daughter Luna born in 2016 and his son Miles was born in 2018. The couple welcomed their third child Esti just a few months ago. Esti’s birth came after the couple lost their last pregnancy which was a very heartbreaking moment in their lives that they shared publicly.

Legend shared how his children request their father’s music to be played in the morning when he drops them off to school. The singer said, “They do, especially my son. He knows all my songs and he’s like Rain Man with the lengths of the songs. He remembers how long each song is and he’s like, ‘Actually ‘Green Light’ is a little longer than this one, it’s 3:19.”