Jennifer Lopez was a bit uncomfortable during her pole dancing practice session for her striptease role…which forced her to strip naked to do this

In order to portray a stripper in her latest film Hustlers, it was essential for her to maintain top physical shape. Demonstrating her dedication to fitness, Jennifer Lopez proved that her commitment goes beyond the duration of the movie. The 50-year-old singer-actress was recently spotted entering a workout session in Miami Beach, proudly showcasing her well-toned arms in a sleeveless tank top.


Forever dedicated: Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez demonstrated that her dedication to fitness never wavers, even when she’s not busy shooting a film. Sporting a cropped top, the multi-talented artist flaunted her toned abs, giving us a peek at her Jenny from the Block persona. Additionally, her black leggings showcased her infamous, enviable derriere perfectly. With her blonde-streaked brunette hair piled up on her head, J-Lo opted for a fresh-faced look, wearing minimal makeup. Completing her workout ensemble, the mother-of-two donned stylish cat-eye sunglasses, carried a crystal-covered cup, and kept her cell phone close by.

Two passes to the firearm exhibition: The 50-year-old singer-actress was seen entering a fitness session in Miami Beach, proudly displaying her toned arms in a sleeveless top. In a recent talk show interview, Lopez shared the challenges she faced while learning pole dancing for her role in the film Hustlers. During her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the renowned star of The Cell expressed that pole dancing was genuinely one of the most difficult tasks she has ever undertaken. Jennifer, who portrays the seasoned stripper Ramona Vega in the highly anticipated R-rated film, emphasized the extensive amount of training required for the role.

Absolutely amazing: The short clothing also provided a sneak peek of Jennifer Lopez’s toned abdominal muscles.

Glammed up: The mother of two adorned herself with trendy, cat-eye sunglasses, a dazzling cup covered in shimmering crystals, and held onto her sparkling cell phone.

Booty beckon: In the midst of it all, the renowned Out of Sight actress flaunted her remarkable posterior thanks to her sleek black leggings. During a conversation with Seth, who is 45, Jennifer revealed that she initially arrived at her maiden pole dancing session clad in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, only to be promptly instructed to shed her garments. According to Jennifer, she was informed that the pole adheres best to the skin, which led to her being commanded to strip down to her undergarments. Notably, this skilled ex-backup dancer even confessed that her pole learning journey had been captured on her YouTube channel, albeit somewhat uncomfortably. She candidly admitted that it was a tad more awkward than she had anticipated.

Brief analysis: Lopez shared her experience of the challenges she faced while mastering the art of pole dancing for her upcoming film Hustlers in a recent television talk show appearance. Paraphrased version: In an engaging talk show appearance earlier this week, Lopez opened up about the strenuous and demanding journey she embarked on to acquire the skill of pole dancing for her highly anticipated movie Hustlers.