Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Toned Midsection and Transforms into a Pistol-Packin’ Bride in an Exciting Sneak Peek of Shotgun Vows

In the recently released trailer for Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez effortlessly flaunted her perfectly toned abs, leaving viewers in awe. The multi-talented singer and actress, now 53, looked stunning in a white cropped shirt and stylish underwear as she shared some intimate moments with her on-screen love interest portrayed by the handsome Josh Duhamel. However, their romantic rendezvous takes an unexpected turn when Jennifer Coolidge, playing the role of Josh’s mother, abruptly interrupts their blissful encounter. Set against the backdrop of an opulent destination wedding, the film takes an exciting twist as the couple’s special day is infiltrated by a group of criminals.


Ab-liciuous: Jennifer Lopez showed off her enviable abs before transforming into a gun-toting bride in the new trailer for her upcoming film Shotgun Wedding

Absolutely Fab: Jennifer Lopez flaunts her incredible abs in a jaw-dropping display before undergoing a stunning transformation into a pistol-wielding bride in the latest preview for her highly-anticipated film Shotgun Wedding.

The sizzling trailer kicks off with the multi-talented actress reclining on a cozy bed on the eve of her pending nuptials, as she playfully attempts to seduce her soon-to-be husband.

“Honey, maybe we should consider turning in early,” she suggests to Tom, who finds himself immersed in the final wedding preparations, diligently assembling the last-minute decorations.

“You go ahead, I still have to meticulously complete these centerpieces and tactfully rearrange the seating chart,” he responds, all while intently fixing twinkling lights onto a pineapple.

Wow! The singer and actress, 53, wore a white cropped shirt and a pair of underwear as she romanced her on-screen beau, played by Josh Duhamel

Oh my goodness! The talented songstress and actress, who is 53 years old, looked stunning in a trendy white cropped blouse paired with some stylish undergarments while sharing an on-screen romance with the dashing Josh Duhamel.

Baddie: Later in the film - which follows couple Darcy (Jennifer) and Tom (Josh) as their 'extravagant destination wedding is hijacked by criminals' - she toted a rifle while in her wedding dress

Baddie: In a later scene of the movie, Darcy and Tom, the main characters whose luxurious destination wedding gets taken over by criminals, find themselves in a unique situation. Dressed in her stunning wedding gown, Darcy surprises Tom by throwing her pajama shorts at him. This unexpected move quickly changes his decision, leading the couple to engage in a passionate kiss. However, their intimate moment comes to an abrupt halt as Tom’s mother makes an entrance, adorned in a bathrobe and hair rollers, carrying a tray of food. Tom politely tells his mother that it’s not the right time, but she seems more concerned about a different matter. Addressing Darcy, who is still wearing a T-shirt and underwear, she curiously asks, “Is your physique a result of genetics or pilates?”


Seduction: The new trailer starts off with the actress laying on the bed the night before the couple's wedding as she tries to seduce her husband

Inticing: The fresh trailer commences with the leading lady reclining on the bed on the eve of her nuptials, making an attempt to allure her soon-to-be spouse.

Flirty: 'Honey, maybe we should just call it a night,' she tells Tom, who's busy putting together the finishing decorations for the ceremony

Flirting: ‘Darling, perhaps we should wrap up the evening,’ she suggests to Tom, who is engrossed in finalizing the decorations for the ceremony.

Busy: 'You go ahead, I gotta finish these centerpieces and rearrange the seating chart,' he replies as he's busy gluing lights onto a pineapple

Busy: ‘You can go ahead, I still need to complete these centerpieces and rearrange the seating chart,’ he says while occupied with affixing lights onto a pineapple.

Kiss me: However, when she throws her pajama shorts on him he quickly changes his mind, as the couple begin to passionately kiss

Give me a kiss: However, his decision swiftly alters when she playfully tosses her pajama shorts at him, leading to an intense make-out session between the couple. Afterwards, the scene transitions to the wedding day, where Tom’s mom surprises them with a borrowed knife as a gift.
“This knife is said to bring good luck, except for that unfortunate incident with uncle Greg and the forklift,” Tom’s mom jokingly explained, causing Jennifer to be appalled and seek solace in a drink offered by a passing waiter.
Nonchalantly, the waiter clarified, “Someone had carelessly left it in the restroom,” yet Jennifer defiantly consumed the beverage without hesitation.

Sexy: Unfortunately, they are quickly interrupted by Tom's mother during the intimate moment

Sensual: Regrettably, their intimate moment is abruptly halted by the unexpected arrival of Tom’s mother.

Inopportune visit from mom: She brings them a trey of food while wearing a bathrobe and hair rollers

Unexpected motherly visit: She surprises them with a delicious tray of homemade goodies, adorned in a cozy bathrobe and playful hair rollers.

Important question: 'I just want to ask,' she says addressing Darcy who's still in a T-shirt and her undies, 'Is that genetics, or is it like pilates?'

Pertinent query: “I simply want to inquire,” she casually addresses Darcy, who remains in her T-shirt and underwear, “Does your physique rely on genetics or is it the result of pilates?”
In the subsequent scene, Darcy appears surprised as a female acquaintance exclaims, “You’ve actually invited your former partner!?”
The camera swiftly transitions to Lenny Kravitz, who makes a grand entrance to the ceremony via helicopter, clad in an entirely black leather outfit.
“Oh dear, he seems to have accidentally left his shirt unbuttoned,” a jealous Tom remarks to Darcy.


The ex factor: The next scene sees Darcy's ex Lenny Kravitz arrive to the ceremony via helicopter, wearing an all black leather ensemble

The ex-factor: In the following scene, Lenny Kravitz, Darcy’s former partner, makes a grand entrance to the ceremony by arriving in a helicopter, dressed head to toe in sleek black leather attire.
Once all the guests have arrived, Darcy slips into her breathtaking wedding gown, assisted by Tom’s mother.
“You look absolutely stunning, surpassing us all,” she compliments Darcy.
However, Darcy’s intuition kicks in, and she abruptly expresses her unease. “Something feels off,” she confesses.
Tom, too, senses a wave of uneasiness as he gazes out onto the beach, his apprehension mounting.

Stunning: After all the guests arrive Darcy puts on her stunning wedding gown with the help of Tom's mom

Breathtaking: Once all the attendees have gathered, Darcy gracefully dons her exquisite bridal gown, graciously assisted by Tom’s loving mother.

Awkward: 'You look so much better than the rest of us,' she tells Darcy

Casually, she compliments Darcy by saying, “You stand out from the crowd, looking absolutely fantastic compared to the rest of us.”

Not right: However Darcy appears to have a premonition. 'Something doesn't feel right,' she says suddenly

In contrast, Darcy seems to have a peculiar intuition. Out of the blue, she confesses, “There’s an unsettling sensation in the air.”

Unease: Tom also appears to have a feeling of unease as he looks out onto the beach with apprehension

Tom’s expression reflects his unease as he glances out at the beach with a sense of apprehension. In the midst of this tense atmosphere, a group of men suddenly emerge, sprinting along the shore while recklessly firing their guns into the air. The alarming scene prompts Tom’s mother and the other guests to scream in terror. Meanwhile, Tom and Darcy find themselves trapped inside. To ensure their safety, Tom tightly covers Darcy’s mouth, ensuring that their presence goes unnoticed. Feeling the weight of the situation, he cautiously reveals the grim truth to Darcy, “There are pirates outside… They have taken everyone hostage.”

Under attack! We are then shown a group of men running down the beach and shooting their guns in the air

Under assault! Next, a pack of males can be witnessed sprinting along the shoreline, firing their firearms into the sky.

Terrifies: Tom's mom and other guests scream out in fear

Frightens: Tom’s mother and the rest of the guests let out piercing screams of terror.

Quiet! Tom and Darcy are still inside when it all goes down, with Tom covering her mouth so nobody can hear them

Shush! Tom and Darcy remain indoors as chaos unfolds, with Tom carefully muffling Darcy’s mouth to ensure their hushed voices go unnoticed.

The master plan: The couple then try to come up with a plan on how they are going to survive the scary situation

The grand strategy: The duo proceeds to brainstorm a clever blueprint on how to navigate through the terrifying predicament and ensure their survival.

Practice makes perfect: Jennifer is then seen practicing how she can spray the assailants in the eyes

Perfecting skills through repetition: Jennifer dedicates herself to practicing the technique of spraying assailants in the eyes. Determined to survive the daunting situation, the couple brainstorm a survival plan. The scene shifts as the couple expertly maneuvers a golf cart, while one of the intruders flees with his head ablaze, wearing a covering.

Jungle: The next scene sees the couple looking rough and battered as they make their way through the jungle on foot

Rainforest Adventure: In the following sequence, our intrepid duo appears disheveled and bruised, bravely navigating their way through the dense foliage of the vibrant rainforest.

It came in handy after all: They are then attacked by one of the men, but manage to incapacitate him with the help of the knife gifted to them earlier by Tom's mom

In a surprising turn of events, the gift turned out to be incredibly useful: during their ordeal, the couple found themselves under attack by one of the men. However, with the assistance of the knife that had been given to them by Tom’s mother prior to their journey, they were able to disable their assailant. The subsequent scene shows the couple in a disheveled state, their bodies bearing the marks of their strenuous journey as they navigate through the dense jungle on foot. Amidst their struggles, there was never a moment when the thought crossed their minds that they would be trekking through the wilderness with a live grenade.

Ripping it off: Darcy is later seen ripping a part of her wedding dress

Tearing it apart: In a later scene, Darcy is spotted ripping a section of her bridal gown.

He likes it: Tom quips, 'That dress is growing on me'

Tom humorously remarks, “I’m starting to like that dress more and more,” as he and Darcy navigate through various adventurous situations. At one thrilling moment, the couple even goes zip-lining together, with Darcy confidently wielding a grande and strategically dropping it on their adversaries.
In another scene, Darcy playfully tears a piece of her wedding dress, prompting Tom to quip, “That dress is really growing on me.”
Jokingly, Darcy responds, “I didn’t want something too conventional.”
Adding to the excitement, Tom’s mother unexpectedly grabs a semi-automatic weapon and boldly declares, “No one messes with my family,” before unleashing a series of shots.

Mama bear: Tom's mom is then seen picking up a semi-automatic weapon and says 'Nobody f**** with my family,' before firing off a round of shots

Mama bear: As Tom’s mother emerges, she confidently grabs hold of a powerful firearm and declares, ‘No one messes with my loved ones.’ Without hesitation, she proceeds to fire a series of shots, ensuring the protection of her family.

Caught: In another scene Darcy's dress is caught in the wheel of a golf cart that's driving off a cliff, as Tom attempts to help her

Captured: In a different moment, Darcy’s gown gets ensnared in the wheel of a golf cart speeding towards a cliff’s edge, as Tom valiantly endeavors to assist her.

Helping hand: 'Don't let go,' she yells out. 'Don't you let go!' he answers before the dress rips and she is freed

Assisting gesture: “Hold on tight,” she shouts. “I won’t let go,” he responds, but the gown tears apart, and she is released.
In a different scenario, Darcy’s attire gets snagged in the wheel of a golf cart, which is heading towards a cliff, while Tom rushes to aid her.
“Keep your grip!,” she exclaims.
“You can count on me!,” he replies before the dress tears apart and she becomes untangled.
“This cake knife is absolutely amazing,” she exclaims with delight.

Cool: The couple are then seen running down the beach with their wedding clothes still on

Awesome: The pair can be observed joyfully sprinting along the shoreline while still donning their elegant wedding attire.

Accident: Tom takes off his jacket mid-run and accidentally hits Darcy in the face with it.

Unintentional Mishap: While Tom is jogging, he decides to remove his jacket, but in an unfortunate turn of events, he accidentally smacks Darcy in the face with it.

Hard core: At another point Jennifer pops out with a gun yet again

Intense: In another unexpected moment, Jennifer surprises everyone by brandishing a firearm once more. Following that, the couple frantically dashes along the sandy shores, still clad in their wedding attire. Amidst the chaotic run, Tom hastily removes his jacket only to unintentionally smack Darcy in the face with it. In the subsequent scene, Darcy graciously acknowledges Tom’s mother and expresses gratitude for the cake knife.

Grateful: In the next scene Darcy addresses Tom's mom and says: 'Thank you for the cake knife'

Appreciative: In the following moment, Darcy expresses her gratitude to Tom’s mother by saying, “I am truly thankful for the cake knife.”

Loves it: 'I freaking love this cake knife,' she says

Adores it: ‘I absolutely adore this cake knife,’ she exclaims
In a recently unveiled movie poster, Lopez appears as a stunningly majestic bride caught in a gust of wind.
The beloved actress is pictured alongside Duhamel, who sports a rugged and charming look with smudged dirt on his face, while donning a slightly disheveled tuxedo and an untied tie.
The poster also unveils that the highly anticipated film will hit the screens on January 27, available exclusively on Prime Video.

Wedding time: Lopez looked like a windswept sexy bride in a new poster for the film. The star was seen with Duhamel who had dirt on his face as he wore a tuxedo with his tie undone. The poster also shared that the film will be released on January 27 by Prime Video

Time for the big day: Lopez exuded an enchanting allure akin to a playful breeze in a fresh promotional image for the movie. Alongside her was Duhamel, sporting a charmingly disheveled appearance with a smudge on his face, elegantly suited up yet opting for a loosely-knotted tie. The accompanying poster also revealed that Prime Video plans to unveil this highly-anticipated film on January 27.

It certainly is a look: Lopez was seen in the champagne colored gown with a sheer skirt

It’s quite the spectacle: Lopez was spotted wearing a stunning gown in a champagne hue, featuring a transparent skirt. Notably, this fashion choice follows her recent nuptials to Ben Affleck in Georgia, where they exchanged vows in the presence of their combined five children.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, JLo expressed her excitement about her upcoming movie, #ShotgunWeddingMovie, which is set to premiere on January 27th exclusively on @primevideo!!!. The streaming platform has secured the rights to this Lionsgate production in the United States.

Back in April, Jennifer Salke, the head of Amazon Studios, shared her enthusiasm for the film, describing it as a delightful blend of action, comedy, and a touch of romance. Indeed, Shotgun Wedding stands out as one of those rare cinematic experiences that caters to a wide audience.


New: 'I cannot wait for you to see #ShotgunWeddingMovie, premiering January 27 on @primevideo!!!' wrote JLo on Instagram on Monday. It was supposed to hit theaters in June but was pushed

forward to a release on January 27 on Amazon Prime Video. Jennifer Lopez expressed her excitement for fans to watch her latest film, #ShotgunWeddingMovie, in an Instagram post. Originally scheduled to debut in June in cinemas, the film’s release plans were altered, and now it will be available for streaming on Prime Video.

Sitting pretty on a beach: She held a mug as she sat next to Josh on location

Enjoying the serene beach view, she savored a steaming mug of her favorite beverage, while leisurely sitting beside her companion, Josh, at the filming site.

A vibe: Here she flashed a garter belt as she wore her bloodied dress with combat boots

The vibe of Shotgun Wedding was set when she confidently revealed a glimpse of her garter belt, rocking a blood-stained dress paired with combat boots. With talented stars like Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel leading the cast, this film is packed with star power and incredible performances. We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with the entire team behind this uproarious and diverse movie, bringing it to Prime Video viewers worldwide. Shotgun Wedding has faced some obstacles along the way, with Josh taking over the male lead role after Armie Hammer’s departure amid a social media controversy.


The real deal: This comes a month after she said 'I do' to Ben Affleck in Georgia in front of their combined five children

The genuine stuff: This news comes after a month when she exchanged wedding vows with Ben Affleck in Georgia, with their five children witnessing the beautiful ceremony.

A movie queen: Her last film was Marry Me with costars Owen Wilson and Maluma

A cinematic diva: Her most recent on-screen venture was “Marry Me,” alongside the talented Owen Wilson and the charismatic Maluma.

True love: Here the siren is seen at the premiere with Affleck in February

Genuine love: This is where the siren is spotted attending the debut with Affleck in February. The storyline of the movie progresses by saying ‘While they strive to rescue their loved ones, they rekindle the reasons behind their initial attraction.’ The film, directed by Jason Moore, features a talented ensemble cast including Lenny Kravitz, D’Arcy Carden, Selena Tan, Desmin Borges, and Alex Mallari. Lenny, known for his hit song “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” will take on the role of Sean, the well-traveled former beau of Jennifer’s character.


Jenny works hard: The hyphenate will also be starring in the film The Mother from Netflix

Jenny is a dedicated individual who puts in a lot of effort into her work. In addition to that, she has landed a role in the upcoming film titled “The Mother,” which will be available on Netflix. The screenplay for the movie was written by Mark Hammer and Liz Meriwether. “The Mother” revolves around a skilled female assassin who emerges from hiding to safeguard the daughter she had abandoned in the past. She is constantly evading dangerous individuals, according to the description provided by the streaming service.