Jennifer Garner Shines with ‘Amazing’ New Hair after Ben Affleck Shed Light on Blaming Her for His Addiction

Jennifer Gunner showed off her new “chic bob” in her latest appearance.

Her ex-husband Ben Affleck also cleared the air around the criticism he faced for allegedly blaming his alcoholism on Garner

But Garner does not like engaging in anything written about her and her ex in the media.

Jennifer Garner has been promoting her upcoming limited series set to hit Apple TV+ “The Last Thing He Told Me.”

The actress had an interview with Stephen Colbert and showed off her new haircut. Although Garner has been rocking short hair for a while, her current cut is slightly shorter. The actress was all smiles which warmed many fans’ hearts, ” Jennifer has the most sincere smile. She was a delight on the show,” remarked a user.

Jennifer Garner on "Today" in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

She had it styled with a side part, and when she appeared on “Live! With Kelly and Ryan,” hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. The first thing co-host Ripa pointed out was Garner’s new look.

Conversely, Seacrest needed to know what was different from Garner’s previous haircut, and the women made him aware that the side part made it a more “chic bob.” Even fans loved the new look, “This haircut looks amazing on you! Makes me want to chop my hair now.” said a fan.

Although Garner had just trimmed her hair, she said it has been growing faster than she can keep up, but since the recent cut, the actress also cannot wait for it to grow long enough to put in a ponytail.

In her recent project, Garner plays the role of Hannah, a woman who has to develop a relationship with her stepdaughter to get more information about her husband’s disappearance.

She got to work with her “Alias” co-star, Victor Garber, who the actress said is like a father. Garber plays a university professor potentially connected to her husband’s disappearance.

Garner’s public appearances come after her ex-husband Ben Affleck addressed the backlash he got for insinuating that he blamed her for his alcohol abuse.

What Did Ben Affleck Say about Seemingly Blaming His Marriage to Jennifer for His Alcoholism?
Garner was married to Affleck for ten years, and they share three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. However, in an interview from 2021, Affleck was bashed for reportedly blaming his alcoholism on his ex-wife.

The actor expressed how difficult it was for him and Garner to end their marriage, but they did not want to raise their children in a hostile environment. “I’d probably still be drinking. Part of why I started drinking alcohol was because I felt trapped.” Affleck explained.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck in California in 2020 | Source: Getty Images