Jennifer Garner, 52, Is Proudly Showing Off Her New Boyfriend… And You Better Sit Down, Because You Might Recognize Him!

Avoiding the media frenzy surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner has been discreetly seeing someone away from the public eye. According to a source, the 52-year-old Garner has been in a relationship with businessman John Miller, who, much like her, prefers to keep their relationship low-key. Continue reading to discover more about the man who won over the affections of the charming celebrity!

After Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck ended their marriage in 2018, it came as no shock to fans when news broke that he had entered into a new relationship with «Jenny from the Block.» As the public eagerly followed the revival of Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship, which included a blissful marriage and J.Lo’s catchy new single «Can’t Get Enough» dedicated to Affleck, there has been little information revealed about Garner’s new partner, John Miller.Reports indicate that Garner and Miller were in a relationship for six months prior to her divorce from Affleck being finalized in 2018. After their breakup in 2015, the former Hollywood power couple has managed to successfully co-parent their three children: Violet, 17, Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 10. Who is this mysterious man? Born in 1978, Miller is an attorney and a businessman who works as the CEO of the fast food chain, CaliBurger and its parent company, CaliGroup. Before, he held a position at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals as the Vice President of Intellectual Property.

Miller, who was previously married to American violinist Caroline Campbell from 2005 to 2014, finalized his divorce about one month after Garner became single. With Campbell, he shares a daughter, also named Violet and a son, Quest. Seeking privacy for their relationship, the couple, who have been dating for five years, decided to distance themselves from the attention that often follows a celebrity like Garner.She admires his indifference towards the spotlight and the superficiality of the Hollywood scene…According to a source, their relationship is quite distinct from Ben and J.Lo’s. They don’t indulge in putting on a show for the cameras or obsessing over which events to attend together; it’s simply not their thing. The anonymous source continues, “They don’t need approval from others to know they’re meant to be together; they’re happier being an ordinary, under-the-radar couple. They are not intentionally criticizing others, it’s just not their style.”

Miller and Garner have been going strong since their brief split between August 2020 to the spring of 2021. «He was prepared for marriage, while she struggled to make a commitment,» a source revealed at the time.Friends are absolutely obsessed with the couple, expressing how they bring out the best in each other and have a truly beneficial relationship. According to a source, John is quite in love and thoughtful, without being excessively controlling…He respects Jen’s need for personal space, yet remains supportive during difficult times and ready for spontaneous adventures. They have had some incredible vacations together…that’s one of their favorite activities. In July 2022, there was a lot of interest in Garner’s response to her ex-husband tying the knot with Lopez. Garner and Miller were frequently photographed together, radiating joy in each other’s presence, seemingly unfazed by the news of Good Will Hunting’s star eloping in Las Vegas. In January 2023, Entertainment Tonight released a story featuring Affleck, engaging in a cheerful conversation with John, accompanied by captivating images.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are showing the world that even after a breakup, they can maintain a positive relationship. Embracing a more open approach to their relationship, the stunning couple is increasingly visible, showcasing their affection through kisses, hand-holding, or even going for a jog together in the early morning.«Jen has become much more confident around John, as they have developed a strong sense of ease and safety in their relationship,» a source revealed. “She’s proud to show him off.” In November 2023, an insider spoke with Us Weekly and shared that Garner and Miller are currently doing really well. According to a source, they used to make an effort to maintain a low profile, but now they feel confident in their relationship and how everything has turned out. During her 50th birthday celebration, the couple achieved a significant accomplishment by uniting their children and families for a meaningful food drive. However, they are not quite prepared to become a blended family. Friends have mentioned that the topic of marriage between Garner and Miller is open, but there’s no need to hurry. Currently, she finds joy in appreciating and savoring their relationship without the need for a specific title. The individual mentions that the lead actor of 13 Going on 30 has been leading the way, and Miller is content to follow along. According to another source, Jen and John have a truly unique bond. “After having a significant portion of her previous relationship constantly in the public eye, she finds solace in being with someone who isn’t a well-known figure.” We’re thrilled to hear that Jennifer Garner has found love once more, and we’re eagerly anticipating the growth of their relationship. What are your thoughts on this story? Feel free to express your thoughts and share your story with us to kickstart the conversation!