George Clooney Blasted for Looking ‘Frumpy’ Next to Wife Who Shined in a ‘Beautiful Dress’ on the Red Carpet

Amal and George Clooney, the epitome of Hollywood glamour, recently made a surprising fashion statement at the premiere of George’s new film, “The Boys in the Boat.”

While Amal dazzled in a red sequined gown and silver pumps, George opted for an unexpected combination of black suit pants, a navy polo neck, and a grey trench coat.

The unconventional choice for George sparked various comments from fans. Some noted the stark contrast between his casual attire and Amal’s glamorous ensemble, with comments like, “Didn’t he get the memo to dress up?” and “They don’t match.”

Some fans even described George’s look as “frumpy.”

Others offered a different perspective, suggesting that George intentionally chose a subdued outfit to let Amal shine brighter on the red carpet or that he was aligning his fashion choices with Amal’s impeccable style. In a candid moment, George revealed feeling embarrassed about wearing something he’s worn a thousand times.

George also humorously remarked on his role as the ‘plus one’ in their relationship since marrying Amal. He playfully introduced himself as “Amal Clooney’s husband” to ensure he is remembered in their high-profile appearances. The couple’s unexpected fashion choices have ignited discussions and added a playful touch to their red-carpet moments.