Frank Caprio Reveals He Has Cancer – He Spends Time with His Big Family & Wife of More than 5 Decades ‘As Much as Possible’

Frank Caprio is a beloved judge who is known to have his judicial work televised on various shows. His most notable productions include “Caught in Providence” and “Brotherhood.” He also previously appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

More than just a judge who stars on court television programs, Caprio is quite professionally distinguished. In 2016, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Rhode Island.Caprio, who recently turned 87, was one of five recipients who received the degree that recognized his stellar contributions to not just the University but to the people of Rhode Island and the U.S. nation as a whole.

Before becoming known as the honorable Judge Frank Caprio, Honoris Causa, the “Caught in Providence” star, was a man of humble beginnings whose passion for and commitment to education and being of service to the public catapulted the trajectory of his life and career.Following his obtainment of a bachelor’s degree from Providence College, Caprio juggled two jobs at Hope High School, teaching American history and acting as the school’s wrestling team’s coach. At the same time, he also managed to commute to Suffolk University School of Law each night.

By the time 1965 rolled around, Caprio had earned his Juris Doctor degree (J.D.) and forged his path as a senior partner at his own law firm. In 1985, the beloved icon became the appointed judge of the Providence Municipal Court.

The manner in which Caprio has conducted himself throughout his life and career has garnered him a respectable reputation for being fair, kind, intellectually sharp, compassionate, and respectful. Not only is Caprio well-respected among his peers and within his industry but he is also held in high regard by viewers around the world who enjoy watching him on their screens.Apart from marveling at his repertoire of skills as a judge, Caprio’s supporters love his cognizance of the power he holds to shape and change an individual’s life forever, which he uses wisely and does not take lightly.

Of how he decides to carry out his decisions while presiding in court, Caprio mentioned, “One thing I’ve committed myself to is to treat people with respect, compassion and understanding…and I try to place myself in the shoes of the people before me. I don’t wear a badge under my robe — I wear a heart.”

Caprio’s unparalleled sense of kindness and compassion have even seen him score the title of “The Nicest Judge in the World” with millions of followers on social media. The kind judge is also known for having a soft spot for children, whom he has let help him decide on court penalties on many occasions.

Frank Caprio Revealed That He Has Cancer
Six days ago, the beloved and kind-hearted judge announced devastating news. He took to his Instagram to share his pancreatic cancer diagnosis in a video.


After reflecting on the joys of his past birthday celebrations, citing his receipt of abundant messages from people all over the world wishing him a happy day, Caprio explained that he learned he had cancer recently. He then went on to say that a dedicated and incredible team of medical professionals is treating him in Rhode Island, in addition to receiving care at the Dana-Fabar Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

Though he made it a point to mention that he knows of the enduring and challenging journey ahead of him, Caprio also stated that he is prepared to fight to the best of his abilities. While reiterating that one of the most frequent questions he receives regarding his diagnosis concerns people asking what they can do for him, Caprio thanked everyone for their outpouring of love and support.

He also pleaded, “I would ask each of you in your own way to please pray for me. I am in need of the power of prayer.”

Caprio strongly believes that knowing his fans are keeping him in their thoughts and prayers, in addition to receiving expert medical care, will be the key to him surviving his illness. Toward the end of the video, he lays his head in his hands sorrowfully as he gets overcome with emotions.

Now that he is dealing with his tragic diagnosis, Caprio’s close-knit family remains steadfast by his side.In what appears to be an uncanny foreshadowing of what was to come, after Caprio posted the announcement, he shared another video on his Facebook account. The timing of the two videos is uncanny because he filmed the latest one right before learning about his cancer diagnosis. In this video, the 87-year-old talks about the importance of courage and the value of overcoming fear.Once Caprio’s fans learned of the sad news, they wasted no time in showing their support for their favorite judge. Many took to the comment sections of both his posts to express their sorrow and healing prayers for Caprio’s health. One fan expressed: “You are a very good person, Judge. Thank you for the unwavering inspiration you give to all of us, around the world. Praying for your health.”