For Twenty Years, This Girl Has Not Had Her Hair Cut.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

You have to see this incredible video of a woman who has not cut her hair in 20 (yes, 20) years. George Takei (who is a social media aficionado) shared the video on his Facebook page. The viral video (which shows the woman’s long hair in all its impressive glory) has been watched more than 25,000 times. Check it out:


Aliia Nasyrova is being called the real-life Rapunzel, and for good reason. Nasyrova’s hair is over 7 feet long, and weighs almost 4 pounds.

Nasyrova has not had a hair cut since she was 7 years old. She says she was inspired by the fairy tale of Rapunzel (a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, which inspired a 2010 Disney movie, “Tangled.”)

Speaking of tangles, how does Nasyrova care for her luscious locks?

First of all, the Instagram star is fortunate in that many high-end hair care brands donate products for her use. Still, it takes Nasyrova an hour to comb her hair, and nearly an entire day to dry.

And while she eschews full-on hair cuts, Nasyrova admits that she does trim her ends every month in order to keep her hair healthy and strong.

And what does her family make of her obsession with long hair?

Well, her husband Ivan Balaban jokes that he thinks of her hair as a “member of the family,” and that he always makes sure to leave a space for her braid in their bed.

He even says, “I always talk to the braid respectfully. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit.”

How funny! I love that he is so supportive of his wife’s mane. I know a lot of guys would probably be begging her to get a trim, but it seems that Balaban is happy with her gorgeous locks.

Nasyrova has no plans to cut her hair anytime soon, although she admits that she does receive some online comments urging her to “cut it, sell it or get rid of it.”

Let’s see how those haters feel when they need to climb out of a fairy-tale tower and there is no ladder handy.