Five Fast Facts About NCIS Star Emily Wickersham

Emily Wickersham has been playing Ellie Bishop, an NSA analyst, on NCIS since 2013. While it’s definitely been her longest-running show, Wickersham is also known for being in other shows like Gossip Girl and The Bridge, as well as the movie I Am Four.

From where she was born to her first ever recurring role, here are five fast facts about NCIS star Emily Wickersham.

In the Beginning
Wickersham was born on April 26, 1984, and grew up on the east coast in Mamaroneck, New York. She also went to Muhlenberg College for two years but decided to drop out to pursue acting.

In the Genes
Judging by her hazel eyes and very blonde hair, it’s easy to believe Wickersham has European ancestry. In fact, on her mother’s side, she has an Ashkenazi Jewish background that includes Russia and Austria-Hungary, while on her father’s, she has Swedish and Canadian.

Mobbed Up
Despite guest starring on a few shows here and there, Wickersham’s first recurring role on a television show was actually on The Sopranos. She played Rhiannon Flammer for four episodes.

The Wrong Side of The Law
When she appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, she and her mom Amy (who was with her), revealed that she got caught drinking beer in a bar and was taken away in a squad car. To be fair, Wickersham said it was only because she used a fake I.D. — but her mom also revealed it landed her daughter on the cover of her college paper the next day.

Recurring to Regular
Wickersham had a recurring role on NCIS as Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop back in Season 11 to fill the void once Cote de Pablo left the role of Ziva, but her character was quickly upped to a series regular. She has been on NCIS ever since — and was the one to discover that Ziva is possibly still alive.