Dolly Parton and Her Husband of 57 Years Live out of the Spotlight on a Cosy Farm

What choices would you make if you found yourself at the helm of a half-billion-dollar empire? Perhaps splurge on a grand mansion or seek a quieter life away from the hustle and bustle? Well, Dolly Parton, with an estimated net worth of $500 million, certainly has her preference!

The renowned country singer, along with her husband of 57 years, who has intentionally stayed out of the spotlight, has chosen to spend their days on a tranquil farm. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of their charming abode!

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean’s enduring love story dates back to their May 1966 wedding in Ringgold, Georgia. Opting not to have children early in their union, Dean also made the decision to maintain a low profile, avoiding public attention. Parton attributes the longevity of their marriage to Dean’s choice to keep a distance from her career.

Their love story began in 1964 when Parton moved to Nashville to pursue her singing and songwriting career. Meeting at a laundromat when Parton was 18 and Dean was 22, they’ve remained inseparable since. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Parton revealed that the key to their lasting marriage is ensuring her husband’s privacy and protecting him from unnecessary exposure to the entertainment industry.

Parton emphasized that Dean chose her, not her career, and she respects his desire for a quieter, more private life. Despite speculations about Dean’s existence due to his rare public appearances, Parton clarified that being in the limelight simply isn’t his nature. She described him as a quiet and reserved person who believes that entering the public eye would deprive him of peace, and she concurs with that sentiment.

Their relationship is built on mutual respect, with Parton appreciating that her husband isn’t jealous of her and shows genuine curiosity about her work. She values his encouragement for her goals, making them a perfect match.

Dolly Parton’s home life revolves around their farm, where Dean enjoys a peaceful retirement from his paving business. The couple spends quality time together on their property, engaging in activities like RV outings, drive-through visits, exploring Tennessee and Kentucky, and staying at clean motels for breaks. Parton, especially after concluding music tours, relishes these simple moments.

Despite Parton’s substantial net worth, she prioritizes spending quality time with Dean. Celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary, they enjoyed a simple country dinner at their Nashville home, relishing a home-cooked meal prepared by Parton, including chicken and dumplings, along with Dean’s favorite, pecan ice cream.

Parton even provided a peek into her lovely home for Reese Witherspoon’s YouTube series, showcasing its beauty.

Although Parton and Dean had initially expressed their desire to renew their vows on their 50th anniversary with family and friends, they ultimately celebrated the milestone with a quiet country dinner. While Parton may still perform at festivals and short shows, she acknowledges that this will eventually slow down with age. Content with their peaceful farm life away from the limelight, she cherishes spending time with her family, especially Dean.