Celine Dion shares rare picture with all 3 sons, ‘deeply grateful’ – fans get emotional

Singer Celine Dion has had a tough time recently with her health diagnosis for Stiff-person syndrome, which was reportedly getting worse and worse. Now it seems the singer has been doing better.

She recently posted a rare photo that has fans talking! Keep reading to learn more about what everyone was talking about.

Celine Dion was forced to cancel her world tour after she was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a very rare autoimmune disorder. The 55-year-old singer has been coming to terms with her illness since her diagnosis came about in December 2022.

She has been leaning on her family and fans for support and love during this difficult time. On March 15, to mark International Stiff-Person Syndrome Awareness Day, Dion shared a very rare picture of herself with her three sons, René-Charles, 23, and twins Nelson and Eddy, 13. She shared all three boys with her late husband, René Angélil.


The picture of the family was from an outing to the Las Vegas K1 Speed go-kart race track.

She was incredibly candid in her caption, writing, “Trying to overcome this autoimmune disorder has been one of the hardest experiences of my life,” she wrote in the caption. “But I remain determined to one day get back onto the stage and to live as normal of a life as possible.”

The singer expressed her gratitude for all the support she had received from fans around the world and encouraged others to fight SPS. Her fans were quick to comment about what the picture meant to them. One person wrote, “I like your singing very much. It brings me to tears. I’m happy that such people exist.” Another person added, “We miss and love you, Celine!”


“I want you to know you can do it! We can do it!” she wrote.

The singer has had a tough time since the diagnosis, with SPS causing her to step away from the limelight. But recently, she made an appearance at the Grammys in February, escorted by her son René-Charles. Her appearance on stage evoked a massive reaction from the crowd, with people clapping. Seeing everyone’s reaction, Dion grew tearful and said, Thank you all. She went on, “When I say that I’m happy to be here, I really mean it from my heart.”

She was even photographed in New York earlier this month, giving a thumbs up in pictures, alluding to her resilience in the face of her diagnosis.

Last October, Dion attended a hockey game for the Montreal Canadiens in Las Vegas with her three sons. It was the first time she had been seen in public since she had revealed her SPS diagnosis. She attended a game in February as well which showed her determination to try and live as normal a life as possible.

Celine Dion seems to be getting more used to being back in the limelight somewhat. Share this with other fans of the singers who might be happy at this bit of news!