Carol Vorderman flaunts her toned abs and buxom bottom, Dermot O’Leary teases her “special friends”

The pictures showed a sweaty Vorderman lifting weights and doing cable rope curls that flaunted her buxom booty.

Fans immediately dived in, complimenting the woman on her appearance. “Fountain of youth! So young looking,” writes one, while another simply said, “Supervorders.”

Others took the opportunity to share flirty notes: “There’s no way I could keep up with you, but I would like to find out,” and a second writes, “I think I need to watch the 3rd one again another few dozen times to get the technique down.”

A third, commenting on her stable of men, writes: “Wow what a way to spend a weekend. a special friend.”

Her post comes shortly after Dermot O’Leary, who shares the screen with Vorderman on This Morning, quipped about her love life.

Vorderman–whose absence from the show that morning made her an easy target for the 50-year-old comedian–was poked fun at by O’Leary, who formerly appeared on The X Factor UK.

His co-host Alison Hammond, was unable to contain her laughter when O’Leary struck with the perfectly-timed joke about Vorderman’s “10-year-long no-strings-attached relationships with multiple men, who she calls her ‘special friends.’”

Inviting viewers to call in and speak with Hagan Fox, an astrologer who predicts the future in the stars, one lady–admitting to dating three men–phoned in, looking for some direction on “a bit of a love square.”

Giggling, Hammond asked: “Did you say love square?”

Dermot jumped in saying, “You wouldn’t be Carol Vorderman, would you?”

Vorderman, the former presenter of Loose Women, is very candid with her personal life and earlier, she shared in an interview that her relationship with multiple men is a great setup as she doesn’t want to be in love.

Single since she split from journalist Des Kelly in 2007, Vorderman–married to Christopher Mather (1985 to 1986) and then to the dad of her two kids, Patrick King from (1990 to 2000)–said she appreciates the independence and freedom of being single.

“I don’t want to marry again. I don’t want to live with a man again. Have to look after him all the time. But this is a time to break this nonsense taboo, which is a person should only be looking for one other person who satisfies everything in their life. That’s hell.”

Saying that she’s not a jealous person, Vorderman explained her lovers are all single men, still looking for others, and that “there’s no harm being done. It’s a happy place to live.”

“They don’t know each other, but they know about it. It’s a very honest relationship,” she said of the five men she calls her “special friends.” “One’s been a friend for 11 years, one for seven. My kids [Katie, 31, and Cameron, 25], know most of them.”

And, serving as proof of her sentiments of being single, she posted an adorable video where she’s lip-syncing and dancing to the song, “It’s Raining Men.”

Praising her enviable dance moves, fans jumped in with comments like, “Carol that is brilliant it’s raining men’s brilliant dance moves,” and “The Lord has defeated the Borg. Resistance is Futile.” Another netizen writes, “Bloody gorgeous woman.”

Carol Vorderman is very disciplined with her workout regimen and we applaud her for staying true to herself and her relationships!