Bridget Fonda, 59, reveals the real reason she’ll never return to acting in rare outing

There was a point in time when Bridget Fonda was a distinguished face within the showbiz-sphere of Hollywood.

One needs only go back to the ’80s and ’90s to find a period when the actress was regularly being cast in big productions. The world, it seemed, was at her feet, and she had the potential to become a household name in the vein of her famous father, Peter Fonda, and his father, Henry Fonda, before him.

Having made her breakthrough in the 21 Jump Street TV series (1989), she went on to appear in a handful of films before featuring in The Godfather Part III. Fonda would later land roles in such hits as Point Of No Return (1993), Jackie Brown (1997), and Lake Placid (1999).

Yet her burgeoning career abruptly came to a grinding halt in 2002 when the actress, then in her 30s, decided to take a step back from the limelight and leave the glitz and glam of Hollywood behind.