«Ben, how did you let her wear this?» Lopez rocks a Ralph Lauren gown as she makes a comeback at the Met Gala

The recent appearance of J. Lopez made a deep impression on everyone there.

This time, the fashion choice of the iconic singer and actress fell on a black-and-pink dress which gave the star a bold and seductive look.

The gorgeous gown consisted of a pink skirt, two black straps that hid her braless chest, black gloves and a black hut which added more grace and elegance to her effortlessly stunning image.

The moment she appeared, everyone’s eyes were on no one but her.


«No wonder people call her the beauty icon!», «Perfect from head to toe», «Did anyone call for a goddess?», «Did they run out of material for the bra?», «Thanks for not coming entirely naked», «Enough Internet for today».

«She ate and left no crumbs!», «Her husband is the luckiest man on Earth», «It’s giving flawless», «And God created woman».