“Ryan Reynolds’ Heartfelt Gesture: Watch Him Dye Blake Lively’s Hair in the Sweetest Way! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next…💖 (Video Inside!)”

In response to the chaos of last year, everyone seems to be undergoing career changes these days – including celebrities.



In fact, longtime actor Ryan Reynolds recently hung up his acting hat to take on the role of his wife’s hairdresser. And said wife, Blake Lively – ever a woman of the people – decided to document the root touch-up sesh via Instagram with the touching caption: “That time I f*d my hairdresser.”

Working in sections like a true profesh would, Reynolds began at the crown of his wife’s head, carefully applying the hair-lightening concoction to her roots, while a rolled up towel neatly clipped at Lively’s hairline protected the actress and her skin from any rogue splatters of bleach.

Once it was time to truly get down and dirty, Reynolds preferred a hands-on approach, disseminating colour through the back sections of Lively’s hair, ensuring even saturation from root to tip. Hey, we’ve got to hand it to him, the man was thorough.

Ever an eye for detail, Reynolds looked on while his wife attempted to finish the job, applying the hair lightening solution to the strands around her face. He interrupted briefly to touch-up the areas she had missed.

Looking at the impressive results, we suspect Reynolds may be seriously considering a career change as Blake Lively’s personal hair stylist. An honour, I’m sure.

Maybe Ryan could help out fellow celeb George Clooney with his hairdressing choices. George Clooney has been using this weird device to cut his own hair for YEARS.