Jennifer Lopez Issues Stern Warning to Jennifer Garner: Keep Your Distance from Ben! 🚫

A Rocky Co-Parenting Relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner’s relationship has always been under the microscope, given their shared history with Ben Affleck. Recent reports suggest that the tension between the two leading ladies has reached new heights. Sources close to the stars reveal that J.Lo has issued a stern warning to Garner, insisting that she keeps her distance from Ben.

The Trigger: A Family Outing

The drama reportedly started after a seemingly innocent family outing. Garner and Affleck were spotted together with their children, enjoying a day out in Los Angeles. This outing, though meant to co-parent their kids, did not sit well with Lopez. An insider claims, “J.Lo felt it was inappropriate for Jen to spend that much time with Ben, especially without prior discussion.”

J.Lo’s Perspective

Lopez, who married Affleck in 2022, has always been protective of her relationship. According to a close friend, “Jennifer is very clear about boundaries. She trusts Ben but believes that Garner’s continued presence might affect their marriage.” The source added that Lopez wants to ensure that their blended family dynamic remains healthy and undisturbed by past relationships.